Back to School…

Back to School…

In 2014 I made the very scary step of enrolling on the Certificate of Veterinary Business Management (Cert VBM) with Liverpool University. Given that my last attempt at an essay was in 2000, to say that I was nervous would be an understatement!

To give you a bit of background I rode (horses!) and partied my way through a rather average degree at agricultural college before meeting and marrying my particularly intelligent husband. My days are spent working along side intelligent and motivated people, within an industry full of people that I admire hugely for their amazing business brains.

Everything I have learnt has been on the job, either by making some rather large mistakes or seeing something or someone succeed, but without the theory to back up the decisions I was making every day. On top of this my competitive nature was making me feel like I had something to prove to myself, if others could do it so could I!

The Cert VBM is an online postgraduate qualification aimed at Masters level that is broken down into six modules covering business strategy, marketing, finance and human resources. It is structured into study units with reading and either an online discussion most weeks or three essays for each module. Importantly for me the whole certificate is based on your own business, meaning that during each module I have reviewed and produced recommendations specifically for the practice.

I’m not going to lie there have been times when I seriously questioned whether I could do it and have postponed the start of a module, but some advice from a straight talking and positive lady made me realise just how important this is to me. Yes it’s invaluable in terms of the learning opportunities, but it’s as much about my shear bloody stubbornness to prove to myself that I can do it. So I have set myself the goal to finish in August 2018 and when I am feeling under pressure with a deadline looming I give myself a kick up the backside and make sure I prioritise some time each week. And I guess now my goal is public I have no excuses….




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