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Setting Goals and My New Bible!

Do you feel like you are working really hard, achieving nothing and have no spare time to do all of the important things that you love? Do you write endless to do lists, tick off the small easy jobs and end up moving the bigger or more difficult projects from one list to another?

This was me six months ago, my to do lists were legendary! I’d have jobs that had been on my list for so many months they were no longer relevant. I came home from work each day feeling that I had achieved nothing and I became more and more frustrated. To make matters worse I was up working at 5.30am and finishing at 11pm to try and fit more and more in each day.

Then I discovered my bible!! It is called the SELF Journal and is designed so you can set yourself three goals over a three month period. These might be a life-time goal or a short-term goal that is going to help you achieve your bigger life time goals. Goals are pointless though if we don’t have a plan on how we are going to achieve them and the journal allows you to break down your goal into three progress goals. These progress goals are then broken down further into actions and tasks with a ‘commitment page’ where you can make a pledge to complete your goals, identify how your life will improve and choose how you will reward yourself when you achieve your goals.

My day now starts and finishes with my journal and it comes everywhere with me. Each morning I read my goals again and plan my day based on what I need to achieve. I particularly love the gratitude section which forces me to appreciate everything that I have and reminds me just how lucky I am. Every morning and evening I write down three things that I am grateful for before either planning my day or reviewing how it went. At the end of each week there is a section to review the week, celebrate three big wins and assess my progress towards my goals.

It is very easy to fill our days with the routine things, add in the odd urgent job and forget about the important things. Ask yourself does it really matter if the washing is put away every day or the house hovered? With two boys, a husband who is a vet and myself who is happiest mucking out stables our washing machine never stops. I used to spend valuable time every day putting it all away, time that could have been spent on the important things. These are the things that matter, the things that make us happy, the things that get us out of bed each morning and the motivating factors behind our goals. I’ve come to realise I’d rather be doing something that is important to me and as long as we all have clean clothes it doesn’t really matter whether they are hanging up or still in a pile on the floor!

The SELF journal won’t be for everyone and you may prefer to find another way to define your goals and record your progress. Take some time out to work out what your days are made up of and what bits are routine, urgent and important. Set some goals based on what is important to you, write them down and find a way to hold yourself accountable on a daily basis.